Best Kitchen Shoes: A Step-by-Step Guide to Happy Feet in the Kitchen

Discover the best shoes for kitchen workers from experienced chefs and find out how to keep your feet happy during long shifts.

If you work in a kitchen, you know how important it is to have the right pair of shoes. One Reddit user, Crazy_names, reached out for advice on the best shoes for their hard-working daughter. From brand recommendations to personal experiences, here’s what the Reddit community had to say.


  • Chefs recommend a variety of brands, such as Dansko, Oofos, Hokas, and Crocs.
  • Consider the type of kitchen work and foot shape when choosing the right shoes.
  • Proper maintenance and insoles are essential for long-lasting comfort.

Gingertea112 Recommends Dansko Culinary Shoes

Gingertea112 suggests Dansko Culinary Shoes as a practical and comfortable choice for kitchen work.

Silvervm Swears by Compression Socks

Silvervm shares the benefits of compression socks and recommends Oofos and Hokas for added comfort.

Egrf6880’s Insights on Foot Shape and Shoe Materials

Egrf6880 discusses the importance of considering foot shape and the materials of the shoes, recommending Sanitas clogs, Birkenstock kitchen shoes, and closed Crocs for easy maintenance.

Stewie_glick’s Vote for Croc Bistros

Stewie_glick praises Croc Bistros for their comfort, durability, and affordability, making them a popular choice for kitchen staff.

Whether you prefer clogs, sneakers, or work boots, finding the best shoes for your kitchen job is crucial for your comfort and safety. Remember to prioritize functionality and durability while also considering your personal preferences and foot shape. By investing in a quality pair of kitchen shoes, you can make your long hours on your feet more bearable and enjoyable.