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Do Refrigerators Use Freon?

Many people are extremely frightened of the thought of freon being inside their homes and offices. Some people have even experienced problems with their refrigerators because of exposure to the ancient chemical. The fact is, however, that all modern refrigerators use a chemical called HFC-134a as a coolant. This gas is very similar to Freon, …

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Are Refrigerators Fireproof?

can refrigerators cause fire

In the U.S., an average of 172,900 (per year) fires occur in the kitchen. Firefighters are called to extinguish a kitchen fire every few minutes on average. These fires can easily spread and cause damage to other parts of the home. While cooking tops the list of common causes of kitchen fires, faulty wiring is …

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Is a Noisy Fridge Dangerous?

is a noisy refrigerator dangerous

Your refrigerator is a very sophisticated appliance. It contains a motor that runs the compressor, a condenser, condenser coils, and a fan. All of these parts are necessary to operate your refrigerator efficiently. In order for your refrigerator to run properly, you need to make sure that these parts are working fine. However, if you …

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Can You Recycle Plastic Containers?

can food plastic containers be recycled

You might have the impression that anything plastic can be recycled, but unfortunately, that isn’t entirely true. While it’s true that most plastics put out on the curb for curbside recycling are accepted by your local waste management company, there’s also a variety of plastics that just can’t be recycled and should either go in …

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5 Kitchen Essentials for Small Spaces

A small kitchen with not much counter space for appliances

As the average price of homes continues to skyrocket, living spaces are growing smaller and smaller. This leaves homeowners with little to no room for a whole range of full-size appliances. Thankfully, there are a lot of cute-sized kitchen gadgets out there that boast multiple functions, making them ideal for small spaces. And here are …

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Substitute for Bay Leaf

Bay Leaves

There are countless recipes that call for one or two whole bay leaves. However, if you don’t have any bay leaves in your kitchen cabinet, you may be tempted to just leave it out. Like most people, you may assume that leaving out a single bay leaf from your recipe won’t make any difference in …

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Does Tea Expire?

Green tea bag in a white tea cup glass on counter

Tea is probably one of the most famous and healthiest beverages in the world. It’s an important part of many cultures and can be consumed on a daily basis and throughout the day. But if you ever wondered: does tea expire, then this article is for you! There’s no easy answer to this question, as …

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Who Makes Whirlpool Refrigerators?

whirlpool fridge

Who makes Whirlpool appliances or rather the Whirlpool refrigerators? In short, Whirlpool Corporation does, The Whirlpool Corporation is a huge entity and one of the biggest manufacturer of household appliances in the USA and the world. In 2018, Whirlpool had approximately $21 billion annual sales, and they’ve more than 92 000 employees and 65 manufacturing …

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Can a Crock Pot Go in the Oven

Can Crock Pot Go in Oven

The crock pot or slow cooker is an invention that has been welcomed in many homes in America and the rest of the world. It offers convenience which wasn’t there before but can a crock pot go in oven? We will tackle this question and more in this article. In short, the crock pot definitely …

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The 9 Most Reliable Refrigerators on the Market

refrigerator brand

Refrigerators are an essential household item it’s the only household appliance that works 24/7, and any malfunction of this device is disastrous. Over the years, the traditional simple top-freezer has gradually evolved to new and fresh designs such as the French Door Refrigerators, Bottom Freezers Refrigerators, Two Door Refrigerators, mini-fridges and more. Fast-forward, refrigerators are …

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Parchment Paper Substitute

parchment paper substitutes

Parchment paper is simply a cellulose-based paper that has been coated with silicon to make it non-stick, water-proof, and heat resistant. These properties make it highly versatile and very essential in some cooking recipes. It can be used to line pans and baking sheets to reduce browning and prevent sticking. It also used to make …

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Parchment Paper Vs Wax Paper

wax vs parchment paper

Both wax paper and parchment paper come in handy when it comes to kitchen activities. They are useful in many ways in food preparation as they are non-stick and moisture resistant. While wax paper and parchment paper look pretty similar, the two products are actually different and they serve different purposes. In particular, if you …

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Butcher Paper Vs Parchment Paper

comparing butcher paper to parchment

Parchment paper and butcher paper are among the most commonly used papers in food handling, preparation, as well as cooking. Before you decide on what paper to buy for your kitchen activities, it is important to understand each of them first as they both have their pros and cons. In most cases, parchment paper and …

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Can You Recycle Parchment Paper?

recycling parchment paper

No. Parchment paper is not recyclable. However, you can recycle the box that comes with the parchment paper. Parchment paper is treated with acid and covered with a silicone coating, making it hard to recycle. The silicone coating makes the paper non-sticky and heat resistant. Most bakers prefer using parchment paper when baking or roasting …

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Nutribullet Prime vs Pro

comparing nutribullet prime with pro

In this article I am going to do a comparison of the Nutribullet Prime vs Pro. These are Nutribullet’s high powered blenders which offer slightly different benefits when compared to each other. The Nutribullet Pro and the Nutribullet Prime are two models from the family of personal blenders made by Homeland Housewares. There are a …

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Rust Inside Microwave: How to Fix it

Is rust inside microwave bad

Microwaves have become essential appliances at home. Today, almost every home has a microwave to make kitchen work easy and convenient. While microwaves are highly useful, they become unsafe to use when they rust, as they can cause serious problems. Rust can form either inside a microwave after years of use or can be caused …

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Can you Microwave Wax Paper?

wax paper microwave

To answer shortly, Yes. It is safe to use wax paper to warm and heat your foods in a microwave, provided the food is not fatty or oily. Wax paper is resistant to radiations from a microwave. This simply means that the particles of a wax paper cannot absorb radiations from a microwave. The wax …

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Can You Boil Water in a Microwave?

microwaving water

Yes. You can boil water in a microwave. Since its invention in the 1940s, the microwave has become a very important appliance in many households. It is famous for the versatility and convenience it offers in the kitchen. While there have been controversies regarding the safety of a microwave, especially in boiling water, the answers …

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Can Nutribullet Grind Coffee?

grinding coffee in a nutribullet

In this article we are going to take a look at the Nutribullet. You may be a coffee drinker and your question is can Nutribullet grind coffee? Yes indeed you can use the Nutribullet to grind coffee. Over and above making your favorite smoothie or slushie, the Nutribullet can give you coarse or fine coffee …

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Can You Put Milk in Keurig

can you put milk in a keurig

The Keurig brewer is loved for its ability to make a single perfect coffee but can you put milk in a Keurig? Keurigs make it seem magical when they brew the coffee so quickly and flawlessly. There is a wide variety of K-Cups which have different flavors of coffees some really strong and some flavored, …

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Keurig coffee too strong

strong tasting keurig coffee

Is Keurig coffee too strong? Keurig coffee is brewed to have the best quality in taste and richness. The taste of a strong brew of coffee is loved by some and detested by others. Over the years many different types of coffees have been made to try to accommodate the various types of taste people …

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Is Coffee a Vegetable?

Is coffee fruit or vegetable

Is coffee a vegetable? There’s a lot of surprising truth and facts about your favorite morning kick start cup. Whichever way you like to drink coffee, black-no-sugar, cappuccino, we can say it appeals to people differently. It is the cornerstone of corporate giants like Starbucks and Ma’an Coffee. Behind that deep aroma and earthy taste, …

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Air Fryer vs Toaster Oven

comparing an air fryer to a toaster oven

If you have been thinking about purchasing an air fryer, you could be wondering how an air fryer differs from a toaster oven. I have reviewed the two products side by side to help you understand what the main differences are. Which is better an Air Fryer or Toaster Oven? Source of heat A toaster …

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Air Fryer vs Microwave

comparing a microwave with a air fryer

There is no doubt that an air fryer and a microwave are essential appliances for any kitchen. It only makes sense to cook your food with the right gadget. For example,  it is not possible to bake in an air fryer or prepare a crispy chicken in a microwave; you see where I am going …

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How to Bypass Start Relay on Refrigerator

bypass start relay on refrigerator

If you know anything about the working of a refrigerator, you understand that the compressor doesn’t work the whole time. Instead, a compressor runs sporadically, meaning it goes on and off during the cooling cycle, maintaining an ideal temperature inside the refrigerator cabinet. Now, given a refrigerator compressor cant run continuously, it requires jump-starting; a …

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Vitamix 7500 vs 780

vitamix 780 vs 7500

  Both the Vitamix 7500 and 780 are part of Vitamix’s G-Series blenders. Though the G-Series models are a tad expensive than other Vitamix series, they’re a popular option in many households because of their unparalleled performance and quality. In particular, they are known for their powerful motors and the pre-programmed settings for consistent elimination …

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5 Extension Cord for Refrigerator

extension cord for refrigerator

  A refrigerator is one of the kitchen appliances that are quite expensive and highly prone to electrical damages due to a faulty extension cord. There are plenty of refrigerator extension cords in the market and choosing the best extension cord for refrigerator is a daunting experience. The ideal refrigerator cord not only helps to …

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Vitamix 5200 vs 7500

5200 vs 7500

The Vitamix 5200 and 7500 are among Vitamix’s top-end products, and having either of them should guarantee you quality performance. That said, choosing between either of the models is a challenging task, and even the highly experienced users tend to get confused. The confusion stems from the fact that both of these models are identical …

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Vitamix 5200 vs 5300

comparing vitamix 5200 and 5300

  The Vitamix 5200 and 5300 are probably two of the most popular Vitamix blenders, and its for a good reason. These Classic blenders are known for their high-quality performance and durability. More importantly, there are more affordable than the Next Generation models. Now, many of often assume that the 5300 and 5200 are the …

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Can You Turn A Toaster Sideways?


“Can I make myself a grilled cheese toast by turning the toaster sideways?” That’s the most likely question going through your mind when you think of turning the toaster sideways. Honestly, it’s a bad idea. It can cause a fire. There have been cases of fire starting in people’s houses due to turning their toaster …

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Can you Toast Frozen Bread?

toast frozen bread

You’ve probably heard the benefits of freezing bread as well as those of toast but can you toast frozen bread? If you’ve never tried this before, this article will help convince you why you should start doing this as soon as possible. You definitely can toast frozen bread. It doesn’t taste any different but it …

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Best Microwave For Seniors 2021

microwave for older people

  Are you looking for a microwave for seniors? What exactly do you want your microwave to have? With seniors, sometimes it is hard for them to operate the regular microwave. Their eyesight is no longer good, so they need something that they can see easily. They may start to forget so fast; it’s not …

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Can You Put a Pot in the Oven?

can i put a pot in the oven

Sometimes a recipe consists of you cooking your food over a stove then putting it in the oven. More often than not, you don’t want to use too many pots because let’s face it, doing dishes can be quite a pain in the flesh. If you don’t have a dishwasher, doing dishes is such a …

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Best Oven Safe Cookware In 2021

cookware that can go in the oven

  Having a nice cookware set is always seen as an advantage. Buying a cookware set helps you to save a lot of money as opposed to purchasing individual items. As you well know, different materials are used to make cookware, but not all types are great for oven use. Cooking with high heat requires …

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Can You Dry Shoes in the Oven?

drying shoes in oven

Are you a gym enthusiastic? You want to commence training and your cross-trainer shoes are wet? No worries. There are so many life hacks that can help to dry them out within a few minutes. So, can you dry shoes in the oven? No. Shoes are typically bound together with glue. The oven produces a …

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Are Pyrex Dishes Oven Safe?

is pyrex oven safe

A home cooked meal is so delicious and healthy. Investing in quality kitchen appliances is the road to leading a healthy lifestyle. But some appliances can withstand high temperatures than others. So, are Pyrex dishes oven-safe? yes, The glassware material of the Pyrex dishes is heat resistant. You can safely take the dish from one …

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Can You Put Water in a Deep Fryer

using water in a deep fryer

Your deep fryer is capable of making some amazing fried dishes but can you use water in a deep fryer? I will tackle that question from 2 different angles because that question can be answered in 2 separate ways. Here’s what I mean; You can technically boil water in a deep fryer without a problem …

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Best Outdoor Propane Deep Fryer

deep fryer for outdoor

  In this article, I am going to review the best propane deep fryers on the market right now. Picture the perfect summer day and the whole family is gathered around for the family cookout celebrating the first few days of summer. It’s a great chance to meet and catch up with family and friends. …

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Disadvantages of Air Fryer

drawbacks of air fryer

You are probably thinking of buying an air fryer and are looking up the disadvantages of an air fryer. In this article, I will walk look through these and help you make a better decision as far as getting an air fryer is concerned. I would say that there are more advantages than disadvantages associated …

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Are Air Fryers Toxic?

are air fryers really toxic?

For all the rave reviews that air fryers receive, there are a few people who are still skeptical and if you are reading this article, you are most probably one of them. Are air fryers toxic? Is there something that could be deemed dangerous or at least exercise caution over? Generally speaking, air fryers are …

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Best Quiet Food Processor 2021

noise free food processor

  Many people have the desire to live in a quiet environment. It is one of the reasons why so many homeowners have gone to a great extent of soundproofing their houses to prevent both incoming and outgoing noise disturbances. The process tends to be quite expensive and this has made some people unable to …

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Yedi Air Fryer Review

yeti air fryer reviews

  Do you love fried food but are worried about the health implications of a calorie-laden guilty pleasure? One of the biggest drawbacks of trying to keep to a healthy diet is that most health food tastes, well, like crap. Fortunately for us, this isn’t the case anymore. The air fryer gives you the option …

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Are Silicone Cooking Utensils Safe?

Are Silicone Cooking Utensils Safe

Silicone utensils are quite popular in the market. The cooking wares have received lots of praise from many kitchen forums and Facebook groups. The versatility and the colors of the cooking utensils made from silicone are quite easy to differentiate from other cookware. But are silicone cooking utensils safe? One of the question tossing the …

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Is Enamel Coated Cast Iron Safe?

Is Enamel Coated Cast Iron Safe

Enamel is inert even at high temperatures and this implies that it does not release any toxic and harmful substances. A lot of professional chefs prefer the use of enamel version cookware over the traditional cast iron cookware. The enamel makes cleaning much easier and it does not require seasoning issues. Besides that, it prevents …

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Granite Cookware Vs Ceramic Cookware

granite cookware vs ceramic

If you are having trouble with traditional cookware due to stickiness and rust then you need to think about granite and ceramic cookware. These products are non-sticky and amazing in terms of appearance. However, they tend to be somehow different in one or another. By the way, which one is better in terms of performance, …

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Ceramic Cookware Pros and Cons

ceramic cookware

Ceramic cookware sets have been flooding the market big time and it is only fair that we find out if they are worth it. I am sure that you guys understand that choosing a cookware set can be quite difficult especially with the large variety that is in the market. Today, ceramic cookware is seen …

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Which Instant Pot has WIFI?

instant pot that has wifi

  Well, who would have thought the day would come when a kitchen pot could connect to Wi-Fi. Well, that day has come apparently and it has come by way of Instant Pot. One of their top range models can connect to Wi-Fi. So which Instant Pot can connect to Wi-Fi? The Instant Pot Smart …

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Can a Food Processor Crush Ice?

crushing ice in a food processor

There’s no doubt about it, food processors have brought convenience to the home kitchen and since their inception many years ago, they have grown in leaps and bounds in terms of their applications. In light of its versatility, can a food processor crush ice? To answer it in short, a food processor can crush ice …

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Are Calphalon Pans Oven Safe?

are calphalon pan oven safe

  When buying your cookware, it is always imperative to confirm that it is oven-proof. It makes no sense to have pans that can’t withstand the heat produced in the oven. I noticed that most people who want to purchase Calphalon pans often ask if they are Oven safe. Well, I will be answering that …

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Pot vs Pan: The Core Differences

pan vs pot

I have been scouring the internet trying to find whether there is enough information on pans vs pots but unfortunately, the information available is quite scanty. I believe there are so many people out there who are also trying to differentiate between pots and pans in a detailed manner. The good thing is that I …

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Quietest Microwaves 2021

quietest microwaves

  Are you on the market for a new microwave oven and trying to decide which one to go for? If you are reading this article, it also means that you are interested in getting one that is not so noisy. Which then, are the quietest microwaves in 2021? Believe it or not, the desire …

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Magic Bullet vs Food Processor

comparison between a food processor and magic bullet

  If you’re a budding chef, you may be confused by the sheer array of appliances available to help you in the kitchen! The truth is you may not need to purchase every single one when you’re starting out. In this article, I will be discussing the differences between a magic bullet and a food …

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Instant Pot Pros and Cons

instant pot pros and cons

In this article, we will look at the Instant Pot pros and cons as a way of helping you make a well- informed decision in the event you are thinking of buying one. Just like anything out there, it has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages and I will cover some of the …

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How Much Does A Refrigerator Weigh?

how much does a refrigerator weigh

In short, the average weight of a refrigerator is about 200 to 400 pounds. The new modern refrigerators usually weigh about 220 pounds. The most commonly consumed refrigerator tend to weigh between 250 to 350 pounds. Moving from one house to another with the biggest appliances like refrigerators can be a daunting experience ever. Refrigerators are …

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How Much Does a Blender Weigh?

the actual blender weight

I was making myself A smoothie the other day, and then suddenly a silly thought came to mind, the idea was how much does a blender weighs? I was determined to know the answer, so I went to my laptop and typed in google, unfortunately, I couldn’t find an accurate solution, so I decided to …

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