Are Cooking Classes Aimed at Tourists Worth the Money? Insights from Reddit

Is it worth taking a cooking class while traveling? Redditors share their experiences and opinions.

Have you ever considered taking a cooking class while traveling? Redditors discuss the value of tourist-focused cooking classes in Italy and Japan.


  • Tourist-focused cooking classes can vary greatly in quality and experience.
  • Classes in Florence and Japan were highly recommended for being both fun and educational.
  • Research and reviews can help you find the right class for your preferences and expectations.
  • Some view these classes more as a fun experience than a serious culinary education.


SeekersWorkAccount emphasizes the importance of individual class quality, noting that the experience can range from excellent to disappointing.


dandruffking shares a positive experience with a cooking class in Florence, highlighting the educational value and small class size.


Megaminisima and their cousin have enjoyed multiple cooking classes on trips, showing a favorable view of these experiences.


Accomplished_Role977 praises their cooking class experience in Paris at Cordon Bleu, indicating a high level of satisfaction.


NewUser1562451 advises researching to differentiate between tourist-focused and home cook-oriented classes to meet personal expectations.


wip30ut’s parents found tourist cooking classes to be more about the experience than serious instruction, contrasting it with a professional workshop in Tuscany.


Hangrycouchpotato shares positive experiences with cooking classes but notes that crowded classes with limited hands-on activities may detract from the overall enjoyment.


Sugarpuff_Karma sees these classes more as fun activities rather than deeply educational experiences.