Are Canned Potatoes a Secret Weapon for Perfect Potato Salad?

Discover the debate over using canned potatoes for potato salad and if it’s a legitimate hack or not.

Are canned potatoes the secret to perfect potato salad or a culinary sin?


  • Opinions divided on using canned potatoes for potato salad.
  • Some find it convenient, while others prefer fresh potatoes.
  • Texture and taste are key factors in the debate.

Debate Over Convenience

Some users argue that boiling fresh potatoes is easier than using canned ones, citing convenience as a key factor.

Texture Matters

Comments on the texture of canned potatoes range from loving the texture for potato salad to finding it grainy or unappetizing.

Taste Test

While some enjoy the taste of canned potatoes in their salad, others find it hard to overcome the hint of can flavor.

The discussion reveals a divided opinion on the use of canned potatoes in potato salad, with convenience battling it out against taste and texture preferences.