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Is there an Air Fryer with stainless steel Basket?




Most air fryer baskets are made with Teflon but is there an air fryer with stainless steel basket? The answer to that is that there is more than just one.

In fact, there are a number of them and in this article, we are going to look through a few of them. Before we get into that though, why would one prefer stainless steel over Teflon?

Why a Stainless Steel Basket Air Fryer is a Good Choice

Teflon was developed in the 1930s and generally is used as a coating none stick cookware and in wires. It is described as nonreactive meaning that it can withstand extreme conditions without and adverse effects.

It has been used to coat stovetop and oven cookware because of its qualities. With everything we have been learning about synthetic materials and how they react to certain extreme conditions, how does Teflon hold up?

Not too well it seems. Industry experts have for years said that Teflon is harmless and does not give off toxic chemicals when exposed to normal cooking conditions.

Recent studies though have shown that a preheated pan in the kitchen far exceeds the safe temperature ranges that Teflon can be exposed to without giving off toxic fumes.

As far as is currently known, the chemicals released from Teflon are not harmful if ingested by humans. It is the fumes that can lead to flu-like symptoms sometimes including headaches.

If you have pets though, the effects will be more intense. The fumes have also been known to kill birds. If any of these issues are concerns for you, you will want to keep away from Teflon cookware.

Air Fryers With Stainless Steel Baskets

Due to the above-stated concerns and more, there are air fryers that come with stainless steel baskets. and we are going to talk about the two of them in this article.

1. Avalon Bay Stainless Steel Basket Air Fryer

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One of the most popular stainless steel basket air fryers on the market right now is the Avalon Bay. It was the first and for some time, only air fryer with stainless steel basket.

In fact, they made the fact that it contained no Teflon one of their main selling points when they initially launched it.

They managed to have the foresight and capitalize on the health concerns that people have for, besides the stainless steel basket, it comes with a host of features and a really nice design.

Not only is the inner basket made of stainless steel but the inside compartments are also made of the same materials.

2. Philips Air Fryer

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Philips soon followed suit and came up with their own air fryer with a stainless steel basket. Philips managed to go one better on Avalon Bay by offering different size options with the XXL well able to cater for large families and small gatherings.

Final Thoughts

With the strong drive towards living healthy lives and the discoveries we continue to make regarding the safety of certain household materials we have always trusted, it is good to know that there are options out there if you need an air fryer with stainless steel basket.

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