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Air Fryer vs Microwave

There is no doubt that an air fryer and a microwave are essential appliances for any kitchen. It only makes sense to cook your food with the right gadget. For example,  it is not possible to bake in an air fryer or prepare a crispy chicken in a microwave; you see where I am going with all this?

Which is better, Air fryer or Microwave?

There are several questions when it comes to which of the two gadgets is worth the money. I have discussed every aspect of these appliances to help you make an informed choice. Read on.

Air fryer technology vs microwave

An air fryer uses Rapid Air Technology to cook your meals. They feature a heating element or coil that is placed carefully closer to the food for proper heating. Moisture is eliminated from diets fast thanks to the swift air circulation inside the gadget. The result is crispy and evenly cooked food.

Microwave, on the other hand, uses radiation to cook. A microwave cooks food fast because the molecules inside the food absorb direct heat energy utilizing radiation.

Electricity and magnetism move up and down at very high speeds. It is because of this reason that the microwave is preferred for liquid foods.

A convection microwave is a type of microwave that features an additional heating element that is meant to heat the food from outside and fan for hot air circulation. They are the best microwaves for less moist foods. The outcome is usually crispy well-roasted food.

Power consumption

An air fryer takes some time to reach the desired cooking temperature. The powerful heating in the air fryer runs for less time, thus saving significant energy. The average power consumption for an Air Fryer is between 1250 – 1500watts.

A microwave uses about 12000 watts for half an hour and an additional of about 6 watts when on standby mode. When it comes to power consumption, it is evident that an air fryer will save you a significant amount of power because it does not consume any power on standby mode.

Key features

There is a massive difference in the features of the two appliances. A microwave features a plate that rotates to ensure food cooks evenly.

Furthermore, they come with a bulb, which makes it easier for the user to view the cooking food through the glass door properly.

An air fryer comes with a basket and requires less oil to cook any food. The air fryer produces more heat than microwaves, making it easier to cook food properly.


Air fryers feature a non- stick basket, which is easy to clean. A microwave may not be easy to clean, especially when you are dealing with liquid spills. It can be quite challenging to get rid of stains.

Safety Features

An air fryer can be compared to a traditional convection oven as it circulates hot air around the food surface to dry the food for that crisp look.

An air fryer uses hot air circulation mechanisms to cook foods hence making it one of the safest gadgets for cooking. Meals are prepared in less time as compared to when using a microwave.

This only means that the foods cooks evenly while retaining their nutritional value. Additionally, you get to worry less about overcooking your foods thanks to its pre-programmed cycles.

Microwaves use electromagnetic radiation as mentioned earlier, which poses a threat to your meal.


Size is an important feature to consider when choosing between an air fryer and a microwave. These gadgets can be placed on your kitchen counter, but their size difference.

An air fryer is smaller than a microwave. You can cook large food sizes in a microwave as compared to the air fryer. You have to know what size you need for your cooking before you choose out of the two gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions on Air fryer vs Microwave

Can an air fryer replace microwaves?

An air fryer cannot fully replace the functions of a microwave. You may have noted that some of their functions are similar, but an air fryer does not come with the speed and convenience of a microwave. An air fryer is the best option when you are not looking forward to reheating liquids and foods.

What should I buy an Air fryer or microwave, and why?

Cooking with an air fryer ensures healthy and nutritious food. Additionally, the gadget features an easy to clean function that makes it an irresistible appliance. For healthier foods, you should go for an air fryer. However, a microwave will be your choice if capacity is your priority.

What are the advantages of an air fryer?

Is it worth buying an air fryer? There are several advantages of using an air fryer for your cooking. Here are some of the benefits of the gadget:

  • They use 90% less oil, thus ensuring healthy foods.
  • This is not possible with a microwave.
  • Food tastes better in an air fryer.
  • Food is also evenly reheated in the appliance.

final thoughts

There you have it! I believe that it is now easier to pick the right gadget according to your preferred cooking styles. To summarize, we advise that you go for an air fryer when you are looking into healthy eating. A microwave will be a great fit if you are a fan of classic.

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