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Air Fryer Basket Peeling: Causes and Solution

An air fryer is a mighty gadget in any kitchen. Unfortunately, the fryers available in the market are not of the same quality.

This means that it is easy to buy one that will not last long. So, what makes one air fryer better than the other? Often, people purchase air fryers only to realize some peeling weeks later! It is not easy to tell which air fryer is manufactured from quality materials, by just looking at it.

However, there are several ways to determine which air fryer is worth your money, as discussed in this article. But first, let’s talk about why your  air fryer basket is peeling and rusting.

Why is my air fryer peeling?

What are the causes of air fryer basket peeling? Air fryers do not come cheap, and this is one reason why most people get worried when the peeling starts. Fortunately, I have highlighted the leading causes of air fryer basket peeling and offered solutions to help you save your hard-earned money.

Here are some of the main causes:

1. Use of abrasive sponges:

Scrubbing any coating with abrasive tools will cause peeling. Most individuals assume that using a rough brush will get rid of burnt foods stuck in the fryer. Unfortunately, this leads to peeling. It is advisable to soak your fryer basket for about 20 minutes to get rid of any dirty, use a soft brush to clean before you can finally rinse it.

If you don’t like the hassle of cleaning an air fryer then you might want to consider getting an easy to clean air fryer.

2. Improper handling

of the air fryer basket: Incorrect placement of the bucket into the air fryer can cause peeling. It is also essential that you store your gadget away, especially when you have young children. Air fryers are light gadgets that can be pulled off the counter easily. I recommend you store it in a lockable cupboard.

3. Metals

Air fryers are accompanied by metal toolkit. Metals should be handled carefully to avoid causing scratches to the baskets surface area. Avoid using forks and sharp metal objects in the fryer basket. It is advisable to use wooden or plastic spoons.

4. Unsuitable temperatures

Cooking under high temperatures can cause the air fryer to bubble since the air gets trapped under the coating. This will eventually lead to peeling.

5. Low-quality material:

Do all air fryers peel? Any air fryer made of poor quality material will peel despite proper handling and storage. Non- generic brands of air fryers are made of high-quality material, which means fewer chances of peeling. For Example some Air fryers use stainless steel baskets.

Should you be worried about your air fryer peeling?

The main concern for most people is the risk of the air fryer peeling on their well-being.

A good number of cooking gadgets feature non- stick coating that finally peel. Fortunately, as long as you do not overheat the flakes, you have nothing to worry about!

Is the air fryer’s non- stick coating safe? Teflon is the non- stick coating material in cooking wares. It takes a temperature of about 450 Fahrenheit to overheat the material. Some elements that could be released when you are cooking food at this temperature might be carcinogenic.

Is Air Fryer Basket Peeling Normal?

Any air fryer basket that has a coating that is non-stick is likely to peel eventually. Some brands of fryers peel after a few months, while others do not peel up until some years.

Amazon is the largest online store; there are uncountable sales that go through the platform hence making it a reliable source of customer reviews.

There are also several trusted websites that review air fryers and make comparisons between brands. These authority blogs spend a considerable amount of time doing their research to compare the features of each product accurately.

Such information is crucial in helping you avoid low-quality fryers. An air fryer is worth your money because not all brands peel, you have to be careful with the one you go for!

Is there anything you can do about this peeling?

As an air fryer user, it is only reasonable to wonder what you can do to prevent air fryer basket peeling. The best solution is to take care of your air fryer properly.

One of the ways of doing so is to avoid scratching the non- stick surface with any abrasive tool such as a scrubbing pad. Additionally, soak your air fryer using boiled water; this makes it easy to clean without intensively scrubbing.

Remember, you can only soak an air fryer with a removable cooking pot. Spraying some pure oil on the fryer before cooking prevents food from sticking

Spraying some pure oil on the fryer before cooking prevents food from sticking on the surface. Another technique of avoiding peeling is shaking the air fryer basket throughout your cooking to prevent food from sticking to the bottom and sides of the fryer basket

Preventing your Air Fryer from Peeling and Rusting

It is worth noting that your air fryer can last for several years without breaking down or peeling. Here are some tips on how to keep your gadget in proper working condition:

  • Read the user manual carefully before setting up the fryer for use.
  • Always inspect your air fryer before use; ensure that all its parts are in proper working condition.
  • Cook your food according to the instructions given in the manual. Avoid cooking any food that is not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Clean the gadget thoroughly after each use without using abrasive tools.
  • Store the fryer in an upright position, ensuring that it is not plugged to any power outlet.

Conclusion on air fryer basket peeling

An air fryer is a super versatile kitchen gadget that quickly gets the users more nutritional meals in a short time. We hope this article shed light on the causes of its peeling and what you can do about it.

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