5 Clues Someone Knows How to Cook Well

Discover the giveaways that reveal someone’s cooking skills

Are you wondering how to spot a great cook? A Reddit post questioned the notion that serious cooks avoid nonstick cookware. Let’s dive into the insights shared by users!


  • Cooking skills go beyond the tools used
  • The ability to create delicious meals with what’s available is key
  • Flexibility and experimentation are signs of a skilled cook

Debunking Cooking Myths

Despite the belief that serious cooks shun nonstick cookware, users argue that a skilled chef can utilize any tool effectively. The key lies in adaptability and understanding the task at hand.

Quality of Food Matters

Users emphasize that the ultimate indicator of a good cook is the taste and quality of the food they prepare. Fancy equipment doesn’t guarantee culinary prowess!

Gatekeeping in the Kitchen

Some comments criticized the idea that certain tools define a serious cook, highlighting the importance of skills over material possessions. Gatekeeping in cooking was met with disdain.