15 Best French Fry Seasonings You Need to Try!

Discover unique and delicious seasonings to take your fries to the next level!

Are you tired of plain old salt on your fries? Check out these 15 unique and tasty seasoning ideas shared by Reddit users!


  • Discover new and exciting ways to season your French fries beyond just salt.
  • From garlic powder to truffle Parmesan, Reddit users share a variety of creative seasonings.
  • Learn about regional favorites like chicken salt in Australia and Poutine toppings in Canada.
  • Experiment with unconventional seasonings like black garlic powder and celery salt.

TerrifyinglyAlive Recommends Malt Vinegar

TerrifyinglyAlive suggests using malt vinegar as a unique and tangy seasoning for French fries. This unconventional choice adds a twist to the traditional salt seasoning.

Cinisajoy2’s Pick: Old Bay

Cinisajoy2 swears by Old Bay seasoning for an irresistible flavor profile on fries. The blend of herbs and spices in Old Bay brings a bold and zesty kick to every bite.

mpls_big_daddy’s Combo: Cajun Seasoning and Hot Honey

mpls_big_daddy suggests a combination of cajun seasoning and hot honey for a sweet and spicy flavor explosion on your fries. This dynamic duo is sure to tickle your taste buds.