12 Creative Ways to Use Capers in Your Cooking

Discover how capers can add a zing to your dishes with these creative ideas from Reddit users.

Ever wondered what else you can do with capers apart from adding them to salads? Reddit users share their creative ways of using capers in different dishes and drinks.


  • Enhance the flavor of chicken picatta and lemon-based sauces with capers
  • Try capers in pasta, on pizza, or mixed into tuna salad for a zingy twist
  • Get creative with caper tapenade, gin martini, and a green sauce

Chicken Picatta and Lemon-Based Dishes

Many users recommend using capers in chicken picatta and dishes with lemony sauces for a tangy flavor that complements the dish perfectly. The briny taste of capers adds depth to these dishes, making them stand out

Pasta and Tuna Salad

Capers are versatile and can be added to pasta dishes like carbonara or lemon butter pasta. They also pair well with tuna salad, providing a unique twist to a classic recipe

Creative Uses

From caper tapenade to gin martinis, Reddit users showcase their creativity by incorporating capers into various dishes and drinks. The possibilities are endless when it comes to experimenting with capers

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a caper connoisseur or looking to spice up your meals, these creative ideas from Reddit users will inspire you to think outside the jar and elevate your cooking game