11 Ripe Avocados – What to Do?

What to do when home alone with too many avocados? Explore creative avocado recipes to avoid waste!

What to do when your housemates leave you alone with 11 ripe avocados? That’s the predicament redditor 867530nyeeine found themselves in. With an abundance of avocados, the options seemed endless but equally daunting.


  • Discover the surprising versatility of avocados beyond guacamole.
  • Learn how to preserve ripe avocados for extended use.
  • Explore unique and delicious avocado-based recipes.

Ripe Avocado Solutions

One user suggested refrigerating ripe avocados to extend their shelf life, a handy tip for those facing an avalanche of avocados. The suggestion to slice, salt, and eat avocados as a quick snack resonated with many, transforming the fruit into a satisfying and simple treat.

Freezing and Transformation

For those looking to freeze avocados, blending them with lemon juice before freezing was a popular suggestion. The idea of using frozen avocados in smoothies to add thickness opened up a new realm of possibilities beyond traditional avocado uses.

Creative Avocado Recipes

From avocado smoothies and ice cream to chocolate avocado mousse and avocado hollandaise with poached eggs, the community showcased inventive ways to incorporate avocados into various dishes. Whether sweet or savory, avocados proved to be a versatile ingredient worth experimenting with.

The diverse range of responses highlighted the community’s creativity and passion for making the most of every ingredient, even when faced with an avocado abundance. By sharing tips, recipes, and personal experiences, redditors came together to support and inspire one another in tackling the delicious dilemma of 11 ripe avocados.