10 Small Kitchen Tools Every Home Cook Should Have

Discover kitchen tools that are essential for every home cook’s arsenal. From microplanes to silicone spatulas, upgrade your cooking game!

Looking to level up your cooking game? Check out these must-have small kitchen tools recommended by cooking enthusiasts on Reddit.


  • Explore unique kitchen tools beyond the basics like salt and pepper.
  • Microplanes, silicone spatulas, and mortar and pestles are highly recommended.
  • Cookbook stands and themed cooking gifts are creative options for gifting.

A Probe Thermometer

MangoFandango9423 suggests a probe thermometer as a valuable addition to any home cook’s kitchen arsenal for precise temperature control in cooking.

Dried Mushrooms

Ezra_lurking points out the flavorful addition of dried mushrooms for enhancing dishes with an umami punch.

Mexican Mortar and Pestle

Tardislass recommends a Mexican mortar and pestle as a versatile alternative to a tortilla press, suitable for various culinary uses.


Nedodenazificirovan and Maximus77x highlight the versatility and utility of a microplane grater for finely zesting ingredients.

Silicone Spatulas and Sturdy Tongs

Knaimoli619 emphasizes the importance of silicone spatulas and sturdy tongs for efficient cooking and baking tasks.

Final Thoughts

Upgrade your kitchen with these small but essential cooking tools recommended by passionate food enthusiasts. From enhancing flavors to improving precision, these items can elevate your culinary experience. Happy cooking!