10 Poor Quality Foods We Just Can’t Quit

Discover the guilty pleasures that bring comfort and joy despite their objectively low quality.

Reddit user deathbykoolaidman admits to loving Kraft Parmesan cheese despite its questionable ingredients. Cooks share their own guilty food pleasures, from instant ramen to fast food favorites. Who knew poor quality could be so satisfying?


  • Despite being aware of the poor quality, many users still indulge in comfort foods like instant ramen and processed cheese.
  • Food nostalgia plays a significant role in why people continue to consume low-quality items.
  • Some users have specific ways of elevating these foods to make them more enjoyable and satisfying.

Shaky Cheese and McDonald’s

Reddit user deathbykoolaidman confesses his love for shaky bottle cheese and McDonald’s despite their questionable quality. What makes these foods so irresistible despite their flaws?

Instant Ramen and Processed Cheese

Expensive_Pitch_802 shares a sentiment echoed by many – instant ramen offers quick satisfaction without the hassle of cooking rice. The allure of processed cheese, like Cheetos and American slices, remains strong for those seeking comfort and nostalgia.

Nostalgic Fast Food

For VicSwagger, KFC Original Recipe and Jack In The Box tacos evoke memories of simpler times, making them hard to resist despite their apparent flaws.

Comfort Food Favorites

Lishiousdelicious finds solace in Knorr instant pasta, while _Bon_Vivant_ enjoys the simplicity of a Jack In The Box taco. These foods may lack quality ingredients, but they provide a sense of comfort and familiarity that keeps people coming back for more.