10 Kitchen Staples People Always Forget They Have

From green onions to garlic, find out which kitchen staples are always forgotten but keep stacking up!

Many of us have that one item in our kitchen that we always forget we have, leading to unnecessary stockpiling. Let’s explore some kitchen staples that users on Reddit can’t seem to keep track of.


  • Tomato Puree Takeover:
  • Tea Overload:
  • Spicy Paprika Surprise:
  • Onion Stockpile:

Tomato Puree Takeover

One user shared a hilarious tale of a food delivery service gone wrong, leading to a surplus of tomato puree that required a dedicated cupboard and even a freezer purchase.

Tea Overload

A tea enthusiast confessed to having every imaginable type of tea, from loose leaf to fillable tea bags, creating a dedicated space in their kitchen for their extensive tea collection, reminiscent of Bubba Gump’s shrimp obsession.

Spicy Paprika Surprise

Another user mentioned constantly losing track of paprika in their cupboard, highlighting the challenge of remembering spices that tend to hide in the back of the pantry.

Onion Stockpile

One Redditor realized they had a freezer full of onions after taking inventory and creating a spreadsheet to avoid unnecessary purchases, showcasing the importance of organization in the kitchen.

Whether it’s green onions, garlic, or cumin, we all have our kitchen staples that somehow escape our memory. These Reddit anecdotes serve as a humorous reminder to check your pantry before making that next grocery run.