10 Kitchen Gadgets that Surprised Everyone

Discover the unexpected kitchen gadgets that have changed the game for home cooks.

A Reddit thread discussing kitchen gadgets that exceeded expectations revealed several surprising items that home cooks swear by for their functionality and convenience. Users shared their experiences with quirky tools that have become indispensable in their daily cooking routines, proving that sometimes gimmicky gadgets can deliver real benefits.


  • An under-cabinet metal-toothed jar opener saved wrists and frustration.
  • An apple corer/slicer from Williams Sonoma proved versatile and durable for almost two decades.
  • A small milk frother outperformed an expensive espresso machine.
  • The Instapot was a game-changer for former crockpot enthusiasts.

Under-Cabinet Jar Opener: A Lifesaver in the Kitchen

One user praised the under-cabinet metal-toothed jar opener for eliminating the struggle of opening stuck jars, saving their wrists from unnecessary strain.

Apple Corer/Slicer: Timeless Utility in a Kitchen Gadget

Another user recounted their love for an adjustable apple corer/slicer from Williams Sonoma, highlighting its lasting durability and practical design for slicing apples with ease.

The Power of the Milk Frother: A Budget-Friendly Barista Tool

A user humorously shared their preference for a $20 milk frother over an $800 espresso machine, emphasizing its superior performance in creating lattes.

The Instapot Revolution: From Crockpot to Instant Success

For former crockpot fans, the Instapot was a revelation, offering the convenience of slow cooking in a fraction of the time.