10 Ingenious Ways to Use Up a Pound of Bacon

Struggling to finish a pound of bacon before it goes bad? Check out these clever ideas to use it up!

Looking to use up that pound of bacon before it goes bad? OP on Reddit is seeking help for this delicious dilemma. Here’s what the community had to say:


  • Cook, freeze, and use bacon bits for salads and other dishes.
  • Try making bacon jam for a unique flavor twist.
  • Freeze partially cooked bacon for quick reheating later.
  • Make a massive platter of bacon for a feast.

RopeBrilliant: Cook, then eat.

When in doubt, just cook up that bacon and enjoy it straight from the pan. Sometimes simplicity is key!

solomommy: Confusion at Its Peak

Confused about the lack of a proper question, solomommy jokingly speculates about the mysterious absence of the word ‘quinoa.’

Nipplethug: Plan Ahead

Nipplethug suggests freezing bacon in portions beforehand for convenient use when needed, ensuring none goes to waste.

brassydesign: Bacon Bits Galore

Brassydesign shares a tip on making bacon bits that stay separate in the freezer, ready to enhance any dish from salads to baked potatoes.

Assholesfullofelbows, anxiousatwrk, and others offer inventive suggestions like bacon-infused jam, pre-cooking and freezing for quick meals, and creating a platter fit for a bacon lover’s dream. There’s no shortage of creative ways to savor every last slice of bacon!