10 Fancy Ingredients that Elevate Your Cooking Game

Discover which ingredients make home cooks feel posh and sophisticated!

Home cooks share their secret ingredients that make them feel fancy in the kitchen. From fresh herbs to specialty olive oil, find out what elevates a dish from basic to upscale. See if your favorite fancy ingredient made the list!


  • Shallots elevate dishes from basic to upscale.
  • Fresh herbs add a decadent touch to home-cooked meals.
  • Specialty ingredients like truffle oil or exotic mushrooms can make you feel luxurious.

Shallots: The Unsung Hero of Fancy Cooking

For user kylie_leona, using shallots instead of onions upgrades the dish’s sophistication. Shallots infuse a mild, sweet flavor that adds refinement to any recipe.

Decadent Fresh Herbs: A Touch of Luxury

For some, like riverrocks452 and Present-Background56, harvesting fresh herbs imparts a sense of decadence. The act of picking and using your own homegrown herbs elevates the cooking experience.

Specialty Ingredients: From Truffle Oil to Triple Cream Brie

Users like ImaginaryCandidate57 and WestOnBlue opt for specialty items like truffle oil and artisanal cheeses to elevate their dishes. These premium ingredients bring a touch of luxury to everyday cooking.

The allure of using gourmet ingredients like creme fraiche, heirloom beans, or artisanal cheeses lies in the transformative power they hold over a dish. Incorporating these items can make a simple meal feel extravagant and gourmet.