10 Comfort Food Ideas for When You’re Sick and Need a Pick-Me-Up

Feeling under the weather? Check out these comfort food ideas for some much-needed relief!

When you’re feeling under the weather, the right comfort food can make all the difference. Whether you’re craving something soothing or a pick-me-up, these ideas will have you feeling better in no time.


  • Discover easy-to-make comfort foods that are perfect for when you’re sick
  • From chicken soup to ramen, these recipes will warm your soul
  • Get tips on how to make the most of simple ingredients for a delicious meal

Order Takeout Pho

“Order takeout Pho,” suggested Sea-Cauliflower-8368. A warm bowl of this Vietnamese soup can work wonders when you’re feeling under the weather.

Congee with Chicken Broth

“Congee! Get some cooked rice and boil in chicken broth until soft,” recommended cthuwuftaghn. The addition of ginger, garlic, and soy sauce can provide relief and comfort.

Ramen with Egg

“Have any ramen packets? That’s when I’d whip one out,” shared Sumjonas. Adding an egg, vegetables, and a touch of siracha can elevate this simple dish.

Chicken Soup with Ginger and Garlic

“Throw a bunch of fresh ginger and garlic into a chicken soup of your choice,” advised chiller8. The aromatic flavors can help soothe your senses.